Custom Made Dining Tables and Sofas in Melbourne

Want to make a statement with custom-made and professionally-designed furniture? Crafter is fast building a reputation for specialising in beautiful, custom-crafted home solutions that offer some of the best Australian furniture design in the industry, made right here in Melbourne.

We are an Australian furniture company that is driven by choice, distinction and original design and we love to help our customers be inspired by the creative process.

At Crafter, there is no compromise on quality and our attention to detail is second to none. Crafter custom furniture is made in Melbourne from the finest hardwoods and is of superior quality and uniquely designed to go beyond all expectations.

Our custom-made sofas are driven by our passion for understanding your needs and ideas and assisting them to be realised. Our Australian-made furniture, of outstanding material quality and stylish design, suits both residential and commercial spaces. We can also help with designing contemporary couches for small spaces without compromising on style and comfort.

From lounges to dining tables, entertainment units, chairs, side tables, consoles and even bedding: we are specialists in designs and builds of any shape, size, material and finish. Choose from a variety of designs, list your specifications, materials, finishes and fabrics, all to suit your individual requirements and create your home or space just the way you like it. We can easily adapt any concept to create designs that better-meet your needs: modern, elegant designs are crafted to suit your every space.Original pieces emphasize genuine Australian craftsmanship and are made ethically to last a lifetime. We are dedicated to creating furniture that you will fall in love with.

Our Crafter showroom also offers a space where you can access and support local artists. We proudly display a variety of local artwork and ceramics by renown artists in their field.

Get inspired … get in touch! Contact us now via email or phone call.