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Custom Furniture Kew

When it comes to custom furniture Kew residents want to know they’re working with a qualified and experienced team that can deliver stunning pieces at an affordable price. At Crafter that’s exactly what we do.

We’re proud to be one of the leading names for beautiful custom furniture right across Melbourne’s many suburbs, designing and building pieces that will become a much-loved fixture of any home or office space.

Posted by Crafter Interiors on Sunday, 5 March 2017

Our team has years of industry experience and can quickly create a variety of different furniture pieces, from elegant dining and coffee tables to comfortable chairs and luxurious sofas, as well as space-saving custom joinery. Whether you’re fitting out your new office, updating the look of the family home or just looking for that one perfect piece to complete a room, our team will help you find the design and style that’s right for you.

While there may be ‘other furniture stores near me’ that offer a range of affordable pieces it’s important to consider how they’re made and what the price is telling you. Often these stores sell low-quality and mass-produced products that will spend more time in landfill than they will in your home or office.

At Crafter we do things a little differently, tailoring each piece to the tastes and needs of each customer to ensure that they away with a functional piece of furniture that will provide them with years of reliable service.

To learn more about our service and solutions in custom furniture don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Crafter team today!

Years of Comfort and Style

Custom Sofa Kew

Thinking about renovating your home or redesigning your business or office space? A custom couch is a popular way to add a splash of modern design and colour to any room. At Crafter we have a range of sofa sets available for both residential and commercial uses. Our customers can order each piece to satisfy their own tastes and needs, making each Crafter couch totally unique.

With a custom sofa, Kew residents can enjoy a comfortable and functional piece of furniture that is tailor made to suit the size and needs of their space. Whether they’re looking for a couch to fit the whole family for those nights at home, or a professional and modern sofa to fit out the reception area in the office you’ll be sure to find what you need at Crafter.

At Crafter we only use sustainable and ethically sourced materials to construct our sofas, ensuring they will stand up to years of constant use without any compromise in strength or comfort. We design, develop and build each piece of furniture in Melbourne, with a dedicated team of local designers and craftspeople working hard to provide each customer with that perfect piece for their property.

So if you’re looking for quality custom sofas designed and built near you then you simply can’t look past Crafter, one of the leading names for bespoke furniture throughout Melbourne. 03 9429 8686.

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