• Lene Khul Jacobsen

Vases by Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Born in Denmark Lene studied ceramic design at Kolding Arts and Craft School from 1974-78. The school’s philosophy emphasized learning by observing nature. Subjects such as drawing,wheel throwing, hand-building and chemistry was studied delivering a thorough education in the ceramic field.
From 1979 Lene worked in a pottery in Copenhagen for several years and developed further skills learning from the other ceramists in a production workshop. During these years she also had the opportunity to develop her own work for exhibition and sale. Holidays were spent traveling in Europe.
Living in Norway in 1983-84 Lene assisted a ceramic artist with a large mural as well as producing her own works.

Moving to Melbourne in 1985 Lene found a job working for other ceramists and later shared studio facilities teaching pottery classes adjusting to working with new materials in a new country.
She had two children before establishing her own studio at home in Heidelberg in 1992. Lene choose to work with high temperature stoneware and porcelain clays fired in an electric kiln.
The ceramic pieces sell in several galleries and shops and Lene has held several solo exhibitions and taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and overseas.
Lene continue to experiment with clay, glazes and decorative techniques in order to develop new styles of work.


Product Description

Artist: Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Medium: Ceramics