• Ilanel Saturn

Saturn by Ilanel


A hand turned and stained plantation pine pendant inspired by the planet Saturn.

By projecting light rings on its surrounding, Saturn creates a galactic light experience.

Size: 23cm dia.

Colours: Black, Lime, Natural


Product Description

Ilan’s passion for innovative design extends beyond the physicality of mere objects. Design is about experience – a philosophy that encompasses spatial relationships and the creation of touch points between people, artefacts and their evolving environments.

Ilanel specialise in the design and production of bespoke lighting. Ilanel offers a collection of highly distinct designs to illuminate a wide variety of spaces from hotels, restaurants and clubs, to communal office spaces and homes. The studio has clients both large and small with extensive involvement in projects worldwide.

ILAN EL is the creative engine behind ilanel design studio. After practicing as an architect overseas, he graduated from RMIT’s Industrial Design Masters program and submersed himself in Australia’s culture. Experiential illumination is his passion and he designs with philosophical awareness. Many of his designs are interactive, contemporary and playful, making them whimsical and engaging. His unique understanding of people and spaces, as well as his ability to work with a variety of materials, makes him shine with bespoke briefs.