• Minnie Pwerle - Awelye

Minnie Pwerle – Awelye

The artist’s main Dreamings are “Awelye-Atnwegerrp” (Women’s Dreaming), “Bush Melon” and “Bush Melon Seed”. These convey her love and respect for the land and food it provides to the people. “Awelye- Antwengerrp” is depicted as a series of lines painted at different widths and colours. This pattern represents the lines painted on the top half of the women’s bodies during ceremonies in their country of Atnwegerrp.

In the December 2003  edition of Australian Art Collector, Minnie was nominated as one of the 50th most collectable artists and her gestural brushwork has been compared with Tony Tuckson and Ian Fairweather.

Selected Collections:

National Gallery of Victoria

Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of NSW

Queensland Art Gallery

Thomas Vroom Collection

HAnk Ebes Collection


Product Description

Artist: Minnie Pwerle

c. 1910 – 2006

Region: Atnwegerrp – Utopia

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 122 x 90cm

Provenance: Dacou / Flinders Lane Gallery

Reference: DG03908/MP & FG00191/MP