Ceramicist Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Lene grew up in Denmark and attended an Arts and Craft School (4 year course) and   worked in pottery studios for a few years in Denmark and Norway.

In 1985 Lene settled in Australia and soon began exhibiting her work here and overseas in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is held in public and private collections, and she has received awards and grants for her ceramic art.

All vessel based work is made on the pottery wheel in stoneware clays.

To create more interesting profiles various techniques are used for altering the shapes. Sculptures are hand built and all works are fired to 1280’ degrees in an electric kiln in her home studio.

Drawing inspiration from both the Australian environment and from her Scandinavian background, Lene creates pieces with tactile qualities and shapes of restrained simplicity in order to achieve a contemporary yet classic look. Lene strives for a pleasing balance between shape, decoration and texture of the glazes in each work.

Ceramicist Tracy Muirhead

Born in South Africa, Tracy now lives in the leafy, outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She is passionate about clay, but tries to manipulate it as little as possible, allowing it to find its own expression. Hand building allows her to explore and experiment with endless possibilities when clay is stretched and torn, or squished and pierced. Many of her pieces are the result of this playful process of discovery.

The final part of the creative process is finding how each piece relates to, or is enhanced by its counterpart and how it will augment a living space. Tracy uses a variety of clays, including black clay from the UK, white stoneware clay from Australia, terracotta – the clay of choice in Africa, and the groggy, textured clay reminiscent of the Japanese aesthetic. All these cultures influence her work on a conscious and unconscious level.

Ceramicist Vanessa Lucas

Vanessa’s work reflects her philosophy that utility is important when working with clay, but the tangibility of function must not be at the expense of beauty

A maker of bespoke objects for 20 years, Vanessa Lucas trained first in ceramics education and later in clothing design.

In her work with both cloth and clay, her unwavering priority is to make pieces which function seamlessly in everyday life.

She designs clothing in conjunction with individual clients, and crafts it in a workroom in The Century Building in Melbourne’s CBD.

Using the same meticulous attention to the balance between the visual and the utilitarian, Vanessa has created a range of delicate slipcast porcelain tableware.

Our custom-made, high-quality furniture is a favourite of residents across Melbourne, including suburbs such as Balwyn, Bayside, Collingwood, Elsternwick, Fitzroy, Hawthorn, Kew, Malvern, Richmond, Toorak and more.